Licensing Opportunities

MotionLab is ready to help interested firms install the three principles. The firm will receive hands-on training from the founder in person and all the help they need. He is the one who has been incubating the core ideas for decades.

The driverless-car industry will slowly and eventually accept our principles because no one can deny their value or the benefits that are deduced from them. However, it might be best to accept our offer quickly so that the firm can start using our principles, other intellectual properties, and know-how as soon as possible.

We can work together using one of the following two protocols:

  • MotionLab licenses a part of or all of the principles to the firm.
  • The firm and MotionLab form a joint team to build a pilot driverless car that installs the principles.

The following list of steps outline ideas about the potential technology-transfer practice.

  • The founder lectures regarding Symmetric Geometry and Atomic-Motion algorithms using an unpublished 156-page pdf textbook, An Introduction to Symmetric Geometry (Principle III).
  • The founder walks through the source code of Science Robot Mac app. The code describes all of the algorithms of Atomic Motions and others. (Principle I)
  • The team (the firm and MotionLab) installs a new Science-Robot-like motion simulator in the firm’s IDE with all families of Atomic Motions. (Principle I)
  • The team installs an odometry function (Principle II) in the car.
  • The team installs all of the Atomic Motions in the car.
  • The team connects the output of the sensors in the car with the Atomic Motion input.

We can tailor these technology-transfer steps in any way to accommodate your needs.  If interested, please contact us.

MotionLab LLC is an independent, self-funded firm. All of the motions presented in this website and YouTube channel are invented solely by the founder. He solely possesses all of the related intellectual properties.