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Pure Motion

If a geometrical motion is solely defined by a user program, the motion is called a pure motion. The pure-motion-control capacity is the foundation of the MotionMind engine.

Car-like robot motions can be represented by either of the following two motion modes:

(1) Omega mode: in which a motion is specified by translational speed v and rotational speed ω. This mode allows spinning motions. Omega-Mode Motions I section presents one motion in this mode.

(2) Curvature mode: in which a motion is specified by translational speed v and path curvature k. This mode allows no spin motions. Curvature-Controlled Motions and Line/Circle-Tracking Motions introduces motions in this mode.

Because a pure motion does not use sensor information, the MotionMind engine can simulate its motion on a monitor screen. Therefore, a pure motion can be executed on the simulator as well as by a real hardware-robot, Swan. This Motion-Simulation technology proves the highest-abstraction level that MotionLab has reached.

This page shows Swan video demonstration and Simulator demonstration of the same "Circle Train" motion. You can see the same motion.


This simulation works with Java. If this browser does not have it, please visit java.com to download.
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