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Friend Robot

The Friend Robot, MotionMind-F (MMF), is a robot product that will entertain Panerai Replica Watches people as their smart friend. This is not a dumb toy, but a high-end IT toy for both children and adults. Science-minded boys and girls throughout the world will intuitively experience invaluable stimuli and inspiration from MotionLab's Friend Robots. MMF has the following advantages:

1. MMF is equipped with all the MotionMind/Swan functions.
2. Children can play games with MMF.
3. Children physically interact with MMF. This feature is very www.toledobrand.com different from virtual-reality games.
4. Because of the reasonable and logical algorithms, children instinctively understand the core ideas of each function without detailed explanations.
5. Its smooth and gentle response do not surprise children.
6. MMF inspires children to become interested in math and science.
7. Parents and grandparents will be willing to buy MMF as a holiday or birthday present because of its ideal educational value.
8. The top of MMF is open and can be used for optional equipment, such as a Mickey Mouse mask or a TV camera.
9. More new functions are in development and will be added to the existing set of user programs.
10. MMF is not a production that will quickly go out of fashion. It is based on the most advanced concepts and on a rock-solid mathematical foundation.
11. MMF will never be replaced by other technologies; the product life is long.

MotionLab is looking for a company that would like to join this product-development plan. If your company is interested, please email mmf@motionlab.com.

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