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The Educational/Research Robot, MotionMind-E (MME), will be a Swan-like robot that is intended for educational and research purposes. With MME, college and high school students can learn robotics, object-oriented programming, symmetric geometry, and physics. It also is a powerful tool to assist in robotics research. MME has the following advantages:ppfake.com

1. MME is equipped with all the MotionMind/Swan functions developed so far.
2. With the physical presence of MME, students can instinctively understand the concepts of geometry and physics: line, circle, polygon, angle, direction, speed, acceleration, rotational speed, clockwise/counterclockwise rotation, and sonar-motion responsiveness.
3. The Motion Simulator is a part of the MotionMind engine, which is an effective educational tool.
4. MME inspires gifted, science-minded students.
5. Every engineering department in every university and college in the world will want MME. Every high school in the world that is eager to offer advanced science/math curricula will want MME.
6. More new functions will be invented and added to the existing user-program set.
7. Students can write their own user-program by referring to User's Guide to The Educational/Research Car-Like Robots: MME prepared by MotionLab.
8. MME will never be replaced by other technologies; the product life is long. MME is not a product that will quickly go out of fashion. It is based on the most advanced concepts and on a rock-solid mathematical foundation.

This page shows Swan video demonstration and Simulator demonstration of the same "Square" motion. This Motion Simulator in the MotionMind Engine proves its high abstraction level. 

MotionLab is looking for a company that would like to join this product-development plan. If your company is interested, please email mme@motionlab.com.

This simulation works with Java. If this browser does not have it, please visit java.com to download.
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