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Car-Driving Innovation

The automobile industry will experience an evolution in the next decade. A demonstration of MotionLab's car-like robot technology will change your concept about automobile driving. In the video demonstrations in this site, MotionLab's Swan uses Geometrical-Motion Planning methods based on  Symmetric Geometry that no other car-like robot has yet developed, and that will make automobile's functions truly autonomous.

1. Watch Swan's video demos of the MotionLab's parallel-parking capacity. This capacity can be embedded in every car for the convenience of every driver

2. Watch Swan's video demos of the MotionLab's back-in-parking capacity. This capacity can be embedded in every car for the convenience of every driver

3. How can this capacity on Swan be embedded in a car with different dimensions and weight? One of the components in the capacity is Park-Backward function, whose simulation is presented in Motion Simulation page. Because this generic simulated motion is an abstract hardware-independent motion, this motion can be resized to fit any target car. The Simulator demonstrates the high-level abstraction that MotionLab has attained.  

4. MotionLab's family of Pure-Motion functions is the very foundation of autonomous car driving. The functions given here can, and eventually will, be used as basic components of any advanced automobile functions. 

5. The MotionMind Engine makes designing of a new function efficient and economical: (1) Design the algorithm on the Motion Simulator. You do not need to work on the heavy vehicle, and the turn-around time for testing is short. (2) This step basically designs geometrical aspects of the algorithm, but not physical aspects of the vehicle. (3) Then, the software is imported to the real vehicle, and you work on the total motion design including the vehicle dynamics and other physical aspects.   

We practice the divide-and-conquer strategy in problem solving.

6. MotionLab's Negotiating-People functions will deliver a novel driving mode for cars. Watch the responsive and gentle MotionMind/Swan functions: Follow-Hand, Dance, and Push/Pull. In this new driving mode, an operator is positioned oneself outside the care near sensors mounted on it, and the operator interacts with the sensors. He or she pushes or pulls the car with his or her body or hand through the sensors at any low speed. Being outside the car, the operator has a much better view of the surroundings. Using this technology, even a five-year-old child could conceivably direct, park, or position a heavy vehicle as the founder's grandchildren do in the video demonstrations. The technology can memorize and reproduce such motions if necessary.

7. The hardware architecture of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and car-like robots are similar. Therefore, some part of MotionMind Technology will be seamlessly merged into the control software system of EVs. Current automobiles that work with combustion engines are able to work only in the curvature mode (not been able to spin), but EVs can work in the omega mode too.




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