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This is a children's game called Duck-Duck-Goose, played by Swan and a player. Its arena is defined by a set of cans placed on a circle. The game is played as follows:
(1) The player should stay outside the arena during the game,
(2) the number of cans is told to Swan,
(3) Swan learns the can positions by detecting them ccw or cw; the initial situation determines the orientation
(4) using a random number, Swan selects a gap, through which Swan will try to escape later,
(5) Swan starts an inward spiral,
(6) Swan tries to escape from the arena,
(7) the player tries to stop it, and
(8) Swan judges which party wins; the result is displayed on the PC screen.

(A) Daniel played the first game. Watch the video, Duck-Duck-Goose. In this case, Daniel successfully stopped Swan and won the game. See the trajectory.

(B) Next Andrew plays three games in a row with Swan. Swan switches the turning orientation each time. Watch the video, Duck-Duck-Goose-3. Swan examines the can positions at the beginning of each game. Andrew won all three games successfully. See the trajectory.

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