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With this puppy function, Swan detects a moving person with one of its front-side sonars and tracks the person at his or her side. With the sonar's limited sensing capacity, this is one of the most difficult functions for MotionMind/Swan.

(1) Daniel demonstrates the first http://copywatcheschina.com/tudor-replica-watches/ Franck Muller replica movement. Watch the video, Puppy. See the trajectory. Puppy function is a generalized version of hug object, because puppy can deal with an object in motion, but hug object cannot. Walking Swan straight ahead is the most difficult action, because Swan detects the person's left or right leg and the distance variation is so big. We adopted a specially tailored algorithm to stabilize the motion under this circumstance.

(2) Swan can also switch persons, between Andrew and Daniel in this case. Watch the video, Puppy with Two. This time Swan is always on the right side of a person. See the trajectory.

(3) Swan can switch the Dior Replica Watches ukside on which it tracks objects, from left to right or from right to left. Watch the video, Puppy with Switching. This function is a generalized version of the satellite function. Swan switches from Keiko to Masuo, and back to Keiko, by changing the orientation between ccw and cw. mct sequential one replicahttp://highgatepark.com/index.php?myu=watch-brands/tudor/ See the trajectory.

(4) In the next demonstration, Swan switches from Andrew to a garden cart, and then back to Andrew. Watch the video, Puppy with Cart. This puppy function hugs objects as the hug-objects function does. See the trajectory.

(5) We implemented a hybrid function of puppy + hug-wall. Watch the video, Puppy with wall. Swan is on Jaeger Lecoultre Replica Watchespatek philippe replica the right side of Andrew and the wall. See the trajectory.

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