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Pull, Push, Push-Pull

(1) The first function in this category is pull. With this function, Swan follows a person moving forward (v > 0), so that the distance between them is as close as 22 cm. Watch the video, Pull. Here, Daniel pulls Swan. When he stops, Swan also stops. Notice the responsive, gentle behavior of Swan. It never has scared the grandchildren working with it. See the trajectory.

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might be caused by the tracking-object switching.

If you request Swan to ouitput the motion-log file of this motion, you can reproduce it. Watch the video, Pull, Playback. This MotionMind capacity will allow industrial applications. During the reproduction, Daniel blocks the motion by standing near the path. Then, Swan reduces its speed or stops until the blockage goes away. This capacity guarantees the safety of people who may be in a robot's operation area.

(2) The next function is push. With this function, Swan moves backward (v < 0), keeping a distance of 45 cm from a person who approaches it. Watch the video., PushSwan stops when Daniel stops. See the trajectory. You can also reproduce this motion. Watch the video, Push, PlaybackA person also can interact with the motion playback as in the previous pull-motion reproduction.

(3) In another push demo, Andrew has Swan make tight turns. Watch the video, Push, Tight TurnsActually, this kind of close human-robot physical communication is interesting and even enjoyable for people. See the trajectory.

(4) The push function can be used to play slalom, a game similar to the ski term of the same name. Watch the video, SlalomDaniel pushes Swan, leading it between two consecutive cans. See the trajectory. You can again reproduce this motion. Watch the video, Slalom, PlaybackChildren can compete each other by taking the time at the finish line. However, taking arc length rather than time as the measure might be more meaningful.

(5) A push-pull function is composed as a combination of push and pull. Watch the video, Push-pullWith this push-pull motion, Swan follows Andrew when he backs off, and Swan backs off when Andrew approaches. Swan switches its state between the pull and push states by inserting a short stopping time. As you can see, if Swan is pushed to an object behind it, it stops at a distance of 10 cm to avoid collision. See the trajectory. You can also reproduce this motion. Watch the video, Push-pull, Playback

(6) In both push and pull functions, Swan is detecting not only feet and calves, but anything that is moving, including a hand. Watch the video, Pull under TableIn this demonstration, Andrew is crawling under the table. You can see that Swan follows not only his calves, but also his shoes. Swan recognizes moving objects as distinct from stationary table legs. See the trajectory.

This human-robot interaction style was invented by Andrew Harding. The motion is reproduced as Pull under Table, Playback.

(7) The pull function and home-recognition capacity are combined to form a new complex function, pull-home. With this function, we (a) pull Swan from the home, and then (b) let it reproduce the motion, in one sequence. Watch the video, Pull Home

Here home is defined as a small area bounded by a wall and a can. When Swan comes back home, it resets odometry errors (or localizes itself) using the geometrical features given by the wall and the can. Then the robot reproduces the previous round trip. We can say Swan demonstrates a very primitive spatial-understanding capacity here because it recognizes its home and executes localization there. See the trajectory.

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