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When Swan encounters an object, Swan does not follow it this time, but bounces back. This squash-like game is played by one or two players; each player holds a racket, which is a board held by a player. Watch the video, Squash. Andrew and Daniel are playing with ease.

Against the racket, Swan bounces in a manner in which the incidence and reflection angles are equal. This is a natural action for a real ball against a real racket. On the other hand, against the wall, independent of the incidence angle, the reflection angle is kept at 0, or, Swan takes the normal line to the wall as its return path. We have set this rule because it would be easier for the next player to catch Swan. See the trajectory.

We can make the game more interesting for two players. A can placed at the wall divides it into two half-walls. Each player must hit Swan back into the other half-wall. Watch the video, Squash Game. Keiko and Masuo elegantly hit Swan back into the other half-wall.

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