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Professor Yutaka Kanayama started robotics research in 1975 Rolex Replica Watches and founded MotionLab, LLC in Monterey, California, USA in 1999. This is a self-funded independent firm specializing in car-like robot research and development. 

MotionLab's major replica corum watches assets include the MotionMind Engine, including the Motion Simulator, spatial-understanding functions, and the mathematical foundation Symmetric Geometry. MotionLab fully and solely owns all intellectual properties, including patents, copyrights, software, hardware, and know-how.

Our Services    

MotionLab has developed two novel robot product plans, Educational/Research Robots and Friend Robots; it is currently seeking business partners  for these business opportunities. Our technology will accommodate whatever your company needs in mobile  robotics research and development. 

It can license all or any part of the intellectual properties to any company that wishes such a license. We can deliver this technology to you today. For any inquiries, please e-mail info@motionlab.com or fax to (831) 375-9632 in USA.

The Future of Mobile Robotics.

Beginning with the two N-type robot products, we will develop a third N-type robot-product business, which will be available in the near future. Our ambition is, through these profitable robot businesses and experiences, to play a role in creating and developing the mobile-robot industry.


The hardware architecture of forthcoming Electric Vehicles (EVs) is much closer to that of mobile robots than it is to combustion-engine vehicles. Therefore, MotionLab technology will apply easily to EVs. A human driver still operates an EV, and a computer operates a car-like robot. However, this distinction will become fuzzier over time. MotionMind could assist human drivers, or it could replace human drivers under certain conditions.


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