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Swan Robot

Swan is a car-like robot that has two degrees of freedom in motion, speed v and rotational speed w:

1. Size: 429 mm (L) ×270 mm (W) × 190 mm (H); weight: 13 Kg
2. Wheel architecture: differential-drive type, with 2 15-watt motors, 2 shaft www.thanwatchus.org encoders, 2 gears, 2 wheels, and 1 caster
3. Sonars: 40 KHz: 10 pairs of senders and receivers; 7 pairs are positioned at the body front with a 30º angular separation
4. Main computer: a laptop with Windows 98 and JNI timer-interrupt capacity, a microcomputer for sonar control
5. Communication: Wireless LAN communication
6. Batteries: one 18V and one 6V rechargeable batteries

Our robot is a computer with motors and sensors, rather than a tag heuer replica watches mechanical system with a controller. We take advantage of the on-board PC's full computational power, including the file I/O capability. The unlimited software runs on the simplest hardware, making unlimited applications possible.


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