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MotionLab has systematically embodied a number of distinct car-like robot motion-planning algorithms in its products. The best way to understand Swan's current rich functionality is to watch video demonstrations, which vividly illustrate the sophisticated science available through MotionMind. Along with each Swan video demonstration, we present the motion trajectory; these elegant trajectories reflect the mathematical foundation of MotionMind. As you explore this Web site, you can click on "Video" to see the video demonstrations, and on "Trajectory" to see a line drawing of the replica watches trajectory and more information about it.

All of these motion-planning functions are designed and implemented as follows. Visit these pages in the order listed here and you will see increasing sophistication in Swan's motions.
1. Pure Motion, which makes Swan's versatile motions possible.
2. Negotiating-Objects motion planning, which allow Swan to respond to its environment.
3. Negotiating-People motion planning, in which Swan responds to people in motion.
4. Spatial-Understanding motion planning, which mean Swan knows its operation area and can perform high-quality tasks for people within that area.

All Videos are available with links on the pages discussing aqua terra clone watch them.


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