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Driving Capabilities

An automobile has an elongated shape; usually length vs. width ratio is more than 2. Having a non-circular shape is essential for a car to carry passengers and loads. Taking this aspect into account, we made a decision on Swan's present elongated shape; we want mobile robots to perform practical tasks in the future.

Because of its shape and the inability to move sideways, a car can become difficult to drive; for instance, parallel parking is not easy for everybody; notice that the center of rotation for a car is at the center of the two rear wheels, not at the body center. This situation also applies in planning Swan's motions. However, we have made every effort to develop motion control/planning algorithms for Swan, which is a car-like robot. Thus, MotionMind has successfully mechanized the human car driver's skills, as you can see in Parallel Parking, Back-In Parking, Maze, Gate, Circle Train, and other functions. In fact, Swan's abilities shown in Parallel-Parking function, are much better than experienced car drivers' skills.

Typical commercial robots are circular or cylindrical, and those robots' motion control and planning are relatively straightforward; however, their applicability might be limited.



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