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MotionLab's founder and president, Yutaka Kanayama, is a professor, researcher, inventor, innovator, and leader in robotics. He has been active in mobile robotics since 1975, and he has one of the longest research histories in the field.

Professor Kanayama has been known as a creative theoretician, but also as a tenacious implementer of novel algorithms on real robots: Yamabicos, Stanford Mobi, Shepherd, and Swan. He invented and implemented all of the MotionMind/Swan functions shown on this website for himself, illustrating his creativity and productivity. He holds several patents, and more are pending. He has published more than 200 technical articles in electrical engineering, computer science, and robotics.

BS in Electrical Engineering, Tokyo University, Japan, 1960
MS in Electrical Engineering, Tokyo University, Japan, 1962
Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering, Tokyo University, Japan, 1965

Activities in Robotics:
1971-1977: The University of Electro-Communications, in Tokyo, Japan; Department of Computer Science, Associate Professor; Launched an Autonomous-Robot Research Program "Yamabico"
1977-1984: The University of Tsukuba in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan; Department of Computer Science Professor and Director of the Yamabico Research Project
1983-1984: Participated in establishing the Robotics Society of Japan; one of the founding directors and the editor-in-chief of the journal; The membership number is 00001; Fellow
1984-1986: Stanford University, Department of Computer Science, Robotics Institute, Visiting Professor and Research Associate; Joined the DARPA-funded Autonomous Land Vehicle project and the Mobi project.
1986-1990: University of California at Santa Barbara, Department of Computer Science and Center of Robotics in Microelectronics, Adjunct Professor; Director of the Yamabico Research Project.
1989-1990: The US Naval Postgraduate School, the Grace-Murray Hopper Visiting Professor in the Department of Computer Science.
1990-1999: The US Naval Postgraduate School, Department of Computer Science, Professor and Director of the Yamabico research project, where Yamabico-11 robot was developed. Watch the video, CircleTrain by Yamabico. Watch the trajectory.  Principal investigators of several research projects including the NSF funded Computer Simulation and Control of Autonomous Underwater Walking Robots and the Army AI Center funded Autonomous Robot Research for Land Mine and UXO Detection projects. Shepherd robot with 3DOF motion capacity was constructed in this project. Watch the video, Tornado 1 and Tornado 2, where Shepherd demonstrates movements that a car-like vehicle, which has only 2DOF in motion, cannot do. Here is their wheel trajectories.
1999-present: MotionLab LLC, President


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