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Negotiating People

In this category, Swan interacts with people in motion. Swan reacts in a breitling replica watches responsive but gentle manner; Swan must not scare the person who is working with it. You can replay any of these human-created motions, whenever you want: both forward and backward.

Because the robot must operate in a space with people in the future, the capacity to interact with people is essential for mobile robotics. As an example, the physically-interacting-with-people functions play crucial roles in spatial-teaching scenarios, as discussed in the next section, Spatial Understanding. These negotiating-people functions are categorized into four groups:

1. The first subsection, Omega-Mode Motions II, introduces three human-created motions, Dance, Hand, and Manual, in the omega mode.    Dance works smoothly even when speed v is near 0.
2. Pull, push, and push-pull functions are all similar in the sense that Swan follows a person in motion, so that Swan keeps facing the person. Although pull is similar to dance, it is different; Swan moves only forward in the pull function.
3. In the Puppy function, Swan tries to position itself at the master's side. We can "walk" Swan as if it were a puppy
4. Duck-duck-goose is very different from all other functions. This is a game played between Swan and a child. Interaction between them occurs at the last moment.

The founder's grandchildren, Andrew and Daniel, helped in the testing and video shooting; They understand the sonars' sensing function intuitively, but not through scientific knowledge. We have never explained the sonar's ranging capacity to them. That is an encouraging sign for our plan of promoting Educational Robots and Friend Robots based on this technology.

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