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Welcome to  MotionLab, LLC, based in Monterey, California, USA. MotionLab has developed cutting-edge robotic technology that   will take the mobile-robot industry to its next stage, and it is currently   seeking business partners. Within this site is everything  you need to know about this exciting new technology. 

We all experience some difficulty in teaching 16-year-olds to drive. We can demonstrate how to make a simple right turn or to parallel parkut we cannot give them exact equations   or even fully unambiguous written instructions. So mct sequential one far, everyday driving is  an inexact science.
MotionLab has changed this by inventing perfect algorithms that allow vehicles to plan their motions and actually to drive themselves. We have succeeded in mechanizing  driving skills for the first time in history (see  page). 
MotionLab's current products are , a high-performance robot engine,and , the model robot that uses MotionMind to deliver the unique movements and functions that are currently available.

MotionLab also has two planned robot-products. One is our . In every country on earth, educating young people, especially  anywhere around.in math and science at colleges and high schools, is an ongoing challenge. This multifunctional robot can change the way students learn geometry, physics, object-oriented programming, and robotics itself.

MotionLab's second planned product is its .  This is not the dumb robot toy now on the market. It is a high-end, intelligent.

As the MotionLab Technology will make automobiles safer, more functional, and useful This technology will lead the Automobile Industry into the new era of . 

MotionLab is  looking for business partners for these planned products; it is ready to license its technology to your company today. These robot products will eventually be sold all over the world, so partnering with MotionLab will give you an edge in the Robotics Industry.




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